N30: Student sit-in at QUB

Students have ended a sit-in outside the vice-chancellor’s office at Queen’s University in protest at proposals to increase tuition fees. About 50 protesters said they were seeking a meeting with Vice-Chancellor Peter Gregson.

One of those taking part, Gerry Carrol, said they wanted the vice-chancellor to “explain why he thinks students should have to pay £9,000 in fees”.

QUB Students’ Union said the protest was independent of any action by them.

Union president Gareth McGreevy said: “Queen’s Students’ Union acknowledges the right for peaceful protests and the choice to do so. “This protest was independent of any action currently ongoing by Queen’s Students’ Union. “Queen’s Students’ Union will continue their campaign as well as negotiating with politicians, the university, students and all stakeholders in relation to the current Higher Education funding debate.”

The campaign group FEE (Free Education for Everyone) said it had organised the protest which lasted about three hours.

BBC News

Students have occupied the main building at Queen’s University as part of a protest against tuition fees. The group, led by Free Education for Everyone (FEE), filled the Belfast university’s Lanyon Building on Tuesday afternoon.

Organisers say they want to align themselves with similar demonstrations which are being staged across the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.

Chris Loughlin, one of the students taking part in the rally, says university fees are already too high.

“I’m already paying £3,000 in tuition fees studying at Queen’s at the moment, so I think fees of £9,000 would be an absolute disgrace,” he told UTV. “Like people in the south who occupied university buildings down there, we’re protesting and standing in solidarity with them, and with students in England, Scotland and Wales.”

UTV News

Keep up to date with QUB FEE here.

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2 Responses to N30: Student sit-in at QUB

  1. FEE says:

    Here are some updates and images you MIGHT want. Emails to riselikelionsfromyourslumber@gmail.com are bouncing on me?

    1) Castlebar walkouts

    Dec.9th, over 200 Mayo students march onto the office of Beverly Cooper Flynn, FF TD. They expressed their solidarity with the Clondalkin walkout students.

    2) Maynooth students shut the family business of Aine Brady
    http://i55.tinypic.com/2ln8upi.jpg (Garda outside Brady family business)

    Dec.9th, 150-200 students arrive at the Brady property developers in Maynooth town to find it shutters down and the business closed. Brady has removed her Fianna Fail signage from the building. The students called for other colleges to follow the example and carry out localised actions like this one.

    3) Derry students march out of class and into the Guildhall

    4) Belfast Uni/Secondary School walkout

    5) TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN FEE to meet Thursday at 2pm. Look for posters on campus with place/time.

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