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This blog is dedicated to collating and sharing information on resistance being organised by people up and down the country, in mass and individual capacities, against this corrupt government, the toxic banks and the IMF/EU bailout.

We hope that to motivate people by showing them that individuals and groups across the country are mounting acts of resistance. Hopefully, we can turn this anger into a sustained, mass campaign of civil disobedience.

All around the country people are expressing their anger through graffiti, stickers, protests, occupations and property damage. Please send pictures, stories and comments to riselikelionsafterslumber(at)gmail.com

Note: This blog does not condone violence or promote people breaking the law.


4 Responses to About / Contact

  1. Tom Coleman says:

    We set this group up very recently trying to get people to take action against government IMF and mobilise people. We have had enough and action is required. People are disillusioned, angry and want answers. Lets get out on the streets…

  2. HAL says:

    WORKERS PARTY member Malachy Steenson challanges Green minister on live TV,its about 40 mins in.Thereis nowhere to hide.

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