N29: Student blockade Anglo-Irish bank, for three hours, in Galway City

Students staged a protest in sub-zero temperatures outside Anglo Irish Bank in Galway yesterday over the deal agreed by the Government with the IMF and the ECB, writes Lorna Siggins.

The group from the Galway branch of the Free Education for Everyone group also attempted to occupy Anglo’s premises, but were prevented by private security. Gardaí monitoring the demonstration said the event was peaceful. Galway group spokesman Joe Loughnane said the protest was being held in solidarity with workers and in opposition to the bank bailouts.

The Irish Times

A GROUP of students protested yesterday at Anglo Irish Bank in Galway city, calling for a bailout of students and workers rather than bankers.

Organiser Joe Loughnane of Free Education for Everyone (FEE) said the protest was being held by third level students in solidarity with workers. They were particular angry that the Pension Reserve Fund had been “given away” in the deal done with the IMF and the ECB..

“We are demanding a general election before the Budget. The austerity package attacks the most vulnerable while refusing to hold those who created the crisis responsible,” he said.

Calling for an end to ”cronyism and corruption”, Mr Loughnane claimed the government plan would “halt access to education in the coming years and depreciate the country’s great resource–its people”.

Irish Independent

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N27: Dail given a paint job

Dail hit by paintbombs after ICTU protest on N27

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N26: Saturday’s march to have 200 stewards and 700 police

1. ICTU officials to meet EU/IMF delegation before protest rally.

Meanwhile, up to 700 gardaí are being deployed to police tomorrow’s ICTU protest. Tens of thousands of people are expected on the streets of Dublin for the march. – Irish Examiner.

2. Union leaders in rallying call for mass protest

Mr Begg added that he did not believe the march would be violent and emphasised that 200 stewards would oversee the “family-friendly” event that would also have entertainment and music. – Irish Independent.


Meanwhile, a number of Facebook events have sprung up urging people to march to the Dail tomorrow instead of listening to the ICTU speeches.

1. To the dail

Wood Quay to GPO??!!
There’s a thin line between Iceland and Ireland.
Don’t be sheep again.March to the Dail.
Those seats belong belong to YOU.

2. We Have the Power! National Demonstration

Im not sure why they are going to the GPO when it’s clear that the Dail is where we need to be and i’m hoping that an organic gathering of hundreds of thousands of people will naturally gravitate towards there anyway.

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N26: Graphics

Some of the anti-Fianna Fail graphics doing the rounds on Facebook and Politics.ie

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N26: Round up

On N24, around 50 supporters of the SWP/PBPA protested outside the Dept. of Finance and then the five-star Merrion Hotel, where the team from the IMF is believed to be staying.

They called for the resignation of Brian Cowen and his Government, the expulsion of the International Monetary Fund from the State, and a national strike.

On N25, around 40 people staged a silent lunchtime protest outside the Dáil yesterday urging the Government to resign. This was organised by Dublin-based actor and satirist Morgan C Jones, the protest was arranged through the social media site Twitter.

On N26, The Irish Times published a story about tomorrow’s ICTU march.

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N25: Meanwhile in Italy…

Students, holding shields with titles of books written on them, face police in a tiny street downtown Rome


More than 2,000 students stormed the Italian Senate, protesting education cuts and calling on the education minister to resign, police in Rome said. They forced their way through the entrance door to the Italian Parliament’s upper house Wednesday and threw tear gas, eggs and stones at the windows, state-owned RAI, Radiotelevisione Italiana, reported.

Police used batons to stop the students from reaching the lower house, the independent news agency ANSA reported. Outside, the students set off smoke bombs and threw eggs at the building.

Full story here.


Italian students have occupied the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Rome’s Colosseum to protest education cuts and university reforms being considered by parliament.

Italian news agency ANSA says some 2,000 students marched Thursday in the northern university town of Pisa, forming a human chain around its famous tower to prevent tourists from entering. Several students climbed inside the landmark as tourists snapped photos of the protest.

Full story here.

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N25: Banner drop on Ha’penny bridge

Recent? Anyone know when it went up?

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