Timeline of Direct Action

N1 2010 – Mary Harney (Min. for Health) doused with red paint by Cllr. Louise Minihan (Eirigi) at Ballyfermot, Dublin.

N3 2010 – 40,000 students protest in Dublin. 50+ students temporarily occupy the Dept. of Finance while 1,000+ protests mount a sit down protest outside. When Gardai began to viciously clear the streets using horses, dogs and batons; a number of students fight back.

N10 2010 – Up to 700 students and supporters march to Pearse St. Gardai station in protest at last week’s police violence at the student demo.

N12 2010 – The car driving Mary Harney (Min. for Health) is pelted by eggs and cheese by protesters at Nenagh General Hospital, Co. Tipperary.

N20 2010 – The Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU), which represents 13,000 workers, votes overwhelmingly to “to launch a campaign of civil disobedience to force an election “.

N21 2010 – A man is arrested after blocking Mary Hanafin’s (Min. for Tourism) car as she enters through the gates of the Dail. Later that evening, a state car runs over the leg of an Ógra Shinn Féin protester who is taken to hospital.

N22 2010 – Up to 50 protesters, mainly Sinn Fein supporters, manage to force their way in through the main gates of the Dail before being pushed out by police. Late that night, Noel Dempsey’s constituency office in Trim, Co Meath is attacked.

N23 2010 Pat Carey (Fianna Fail TD) has his office in Finglas, Dublin vandalised.

N24 2010 Batt O’Keeffe (Fianna Fail TD) is grabbed by the tie by a protester outside the Dail.


One Response to Timeline of Direct Action

  1. Lads, great blog, very worthwhile tool for change, thanks. suggestion, rearrange date order of this page, put oldest at end, latest up top, and maybe include 1 strong image at end, especially usefull for those blogging and linking the page…

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